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Air Madagascar group

All about Air Madagascar group

  • Founded in 1961 due to the fusion between the private company Air Madagascar and the local network Air France named MADAIR, but since 1962 it has changed into Air Madagascar. 
  • Since its creation in 1961, the Malagasy national airline company has made sure all airline transactor in Madagascar, includes international, national, and regional transaction, and all ground handling services.
  • As the company has the mission to contribute to Madagascar's economic development and to the tourist sector development, it opens the Island's door to the world.
  • Air Madagascar offers 3 destinations around the world, such as in Europe: Paris and Marseille, and in China: Guangzhou. It also serves 6 destinations around the Indian ocean.
  • The company puts safety first, therefore it ensures the good maintenance of the aircraft for the purpose of making the travel more pleasant and serene. In order to connect the client with the world, Air Madagascar company ships product, or material through the cargo service.
  • 2017 marks the entry of Air Austral in the capital of the Malagasy airline company on becoming its strategic partner. Then, the Malagasy airline company changes and, turns into Air Madagascar group. This restructuration was made in order to enhance the Air Madagascar organization. 

Air Madagascar group has now 5 brands of which 3 brands are 100% affiliate to Air Madagascar:

  • Air Madagascar airline company is in charge of international flights (long-distance flight and regional).
  • MGH (Madagascar Ground Handling), as its name suggests, assures the services at the airport. MGH is in charge of the passenger, aircraft, luggage, and cargo maintenances. 
  • Amadeus Madagascar provides technological and distribution solutions to the group for the travel and tourism industry.
  • Sofitrans group is in charge of the catering onboard, as well as the hotel service with its travel agency, currency exchange office and insurance, and reinsurance. 
  • Tsaradia airline company engages to dynamize the domestic network and to make air travel more accessible to the Malagasy population. 

Air Madagascar shareholders

After the definitive exit of Air Austral from the capital of Air Madagascar, 51% of the capital is for the malagasy government and, 49% for the national cash CNAPS.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Air Madagascar Group

  • Mr Mamy Arintsalama RAJAOBELINA, Administrator and Representative of the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology

  • Mr Andry Velomiadana RAMANAMPANOHARANA, Administrator and Representative of the  Ministry of Economy and Finance

  • Mr Landry Hasina RAZAFINDRAKOTO, Administrator and Representative of the Ministry of Transport and Meteorology

  • Mr Andry Nirina RAJAOFETRA, Administrator and Representative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance

  • Mr Raharomampiandra LOLONA, Administrator and Representative of the CNAPS

  • Mr Andrianavalomanana RAZAFIARISON, Administrator and Representative of the CNAPS

  • Mr Patrice RAOULL, Administrator and Representative of the CNAPS


  • Mission : To serve as a lever for economic development of Madagascar
  • Vision :  The group aims to become the most preferred airline company in Africa and the first in the Indian Ocean
  • Values : honnesty, integrity, respect, excellence

Important dates of the Air Madagascar group

1961: Air Madagascar comes up due to the fusion between the private company Air Madagascar and the local network Air France with the name of  “MADAIR”.

1962: The Malagasy airline company was named Air Madagascar. It serves for the first time Paris  from Antananarivo Ivato airport, with regionals destinations and in the Indian Ocean: Djibouti, Moroni, and Saint-Denis of Réunion.

1970: Destinations in Africa expand to Mauritius, Kenya, and South Africa.

1976: Air Madagascar always develops its destinations and adds Seychelles. 

1979: Destinations expends in Europ : Zurich, Francfort, Munich and Rome. 

1998: The Malagasy airline company marks its presence for the first time in Asia: Singapour, China.

2002: Due to the sociopolitical crisis, Air Madagascar signs a contract with Lufthansa for its recovery and restructuring.

2004: Air Madagascar gets the approbation of aircraft maintenance and aircraft equipment organization PART-145 (replace JAR-145) delivered by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and sets up a new logo that is the current logo. Air Madagascar develops its long-distance flights and creates lines to Thailand (Bangkok) and Italy (Milan).

2005: Two news ATR 72-500 enter the fleet.

2006: In December, Air Madagascar gets the IOSA certificates (IATA Operational Safety Audit) and welcomes one new ATR 42-500 to close the ATR fleet renewal.

2007: Air Madagascar opens a new line in France: Antananarivo-Marseille.

2008: In March, the company signs a share code with Corsairfly with the flights Paris-Antananarivo and in June, it signs the contract with GECAS (GE Capital Aviation Civil).

2009:  A new destination starts in Asia: Guangzhou, China.

2011: Air Madagascar is added in the annex B and is restricted to operate in the European Union.

2012: An Airbus A340-300 joins Air Madagascar to replace the Boeing of Euro Atlantic, and In June 2012, a second Airbus A340-300 reaches the rental-sale with Air France. 

2015: Following the mobilization movement by the Indian Ocean Commission, an alliance named "Alliance Vanille" is created at the end of  May 2015.  It combines 5 airlines company in the Indian Ocean such as Air Madagascar, Air Austral, Air Mauritius, Air Seychelles et Int ‘air Île. The goals of this alliance are to be more accessible and to have the best connexion between the Island. In November 2015,  Air Madagascar deletes the lines Guangzhou-Bangkok. 

2016: In June, the two Airbus A340-300 of Air Madagascar are removed to annex B. Flights to Guangzhou, Chine reopens due to the share code with Air Austral. This year marks the creation of MGH Madagascar Ground Handling, one of Air Madagascar affiliates.

2017: Air Madagascar signs a strategic partnership agreement with Air Austral, hence the transformation of Air Madagascar into Air Madagascar group.

2018: On July,2nd 2018, another affiliate was created in the name of Tsaradia. It is a new airline company designed to revitalize the domestic network. 

2020: Strategic partnership with Air Austral ends. Air Austral Invest transfers its share to CNAPS, which becomes a shareholder in Madagascar airline transport company: Air Madagascar.

2021: The group begins a new restructuring announced the creation of Madagascar Airlines. A new company that will merge Tsaradia and Air Madagascar.

The Air Madagascar group brands

Air Madagascar :

The first Malagasy airline company, which connects Madagascar with the whole world since 1961, and still continues to offer maintenance activity, cargo and, international air transport. With more than 900 employees specialized in their field, travel among the 9 internationals and regionals destinations are now simple.  

Sofitrans group :

A group that keeps immersing customers in the multiples tastes of Malagasy meal during the flight and that selects the best shop for duty-free shopping. Its 370 employees look out for you with its currency exchange office, and by proposing the best hotel and restaurant in Madagascar through its travel agency Airtours. In addition, Sofitrans group ensures travel with travel insurance and reinsurance with  Ny Havana.

Madagascar Ground Handling :

 A ground handling service, which follows the IATA standard, will carry out your safety, luggage security and, your flight at Antananarivo Ivato airport and, all around Madagascar. It is one oft the Air Madagascar affiliates created in 2016, with more than 200 employees who will care for and assist all ground activity.

Amadeus Madagascar :

 An Air Madagascar 100% affiliate brand, which offers all technological solutions, in order to facilitate the airline company operation by suggesting software. To add, it distributes flights and fares with professional tourism and travel operator so that customer relationship will be more important.

Tsaradia :

An airline company created on July,2nd 2018, 100% Air Madagascar affiliate, is dedicated to operating domestic flight. It offers 11 national destinations and also proposes cargo services. With 264 employees, Tsaradia will offer you the best travel experience ever during your flight.    

Current destinations

3 destinations in the world *:

  • Paris, France
  • Marseille, France *
  • Guangzhou, China *

5 destinations in Africa *:

  • Moroni, Comores 
  • Johannesburg, South Africa 
  • Dzaoudzi, Mayotte
  • Port Louis, Mauritius 
  • Saint-Denis, La Réunion 

*Some lines have been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19

The Air Madagascar group fleet

Nowadays, Air Madagascar has 9 aircrafts :

  • 2 Airbus A340-300, 
  • 2 ATR 72-500, 
  • 2 ATR 72-600, 
  • 3 DHC6-300 Twin Otter