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Find the frequently asked questions on Tsaradia

Find here all the questions and answers most frequently asked about Tsaradia. You can also contact us for more information.


Postponed travel due to COVID-19

Any ticket with a scheduled journey during the period of Madagascar Airlines flight suspension is valid for 2 years. Travelers must confirm the new travel dates before December 31, 2022, to be able to use their airline ticket again.

Starting from January 1, 2023, unused tickets and credits without utilization requests received before the expiration date can no longer be used.

Votre billet d'avion avec Madagascar Airlines

Vous pouvez consulter votre réservation ou votre billet d'avion en ligne en vous rendant sur la page d'accueil. Recherchez le lien "Ma réservation". Vous devrez fournir votre numéro de réservation et votre nom pour accéder à vos informations de vol. À partir de là, vous pourrez consulter les détails de votre réservation, les conditions tarifaires, les franchises bagages, y compris les horaires de vol et d'autres informations pertinentes.

Paiement en agence :

Madagascar Airlines accepte plusieurs méthodes de paiement en agence. Vous avez la possibilité de payer par carte bancaire (Visa, MasterCard), ou par Mobile Money MVola ou Orange Money .

Paiement à distance :

Après avoir réservé sur Madagascar Airlines, nos équipes vous enverront un email contenant un lien de paiement sécurisé.

Une fois le paiement effectué, le billet d'avion vous sera envoyé par les équipes de Madagascar Airlines.

Vous avez la possibilité d'acheter votre billet d'avion sur le site de Madagascar Airlines. Il suffit de remplir le formulaire de réservation, de personnaliser son voyage durant la sélection du vol.

Booking, ticket purchase and travel change

Step 1: Fill out the booking form

  • To book online, fill in the booking form by filling in your:
    • Your trip (One-way or Round trip)
    • Airport of departure
    • Arrival airport
    • Date of departure
    • Check if you travel dates are flexible
    • Number and type of passengers (Adults, children, babies)
    • Your currency of payment.
  • Click on the search button

Step 2: Select your offer, read and accept the terms and conditions of the rate.

  • At the next step, select from the available rates the offer that suits you.
  • Accept the General Terms of Use after reading them by checking the dedicated box
  • Click on "log in and book" if you have already created a profile during a previous booking
  • Click on "Booking without an account" if you have not yet created a profile during a previous booking

Step 3: Fill in the information about the passenger(s)

Provide passenger information:

Personal data for passenger identification at the airport

  • NAME

Contact information


Step 4: Add additional services:

  • Access to the Tsaradia lounge
  • Select your seat on board (for discovery rates, Freedom, privilege)
  • Press the "continue" button

NB: from this step, you will be registered on the flight. We advise you to write down your file number in case of problem.

Step 5: Make the payment

Choose your payment method:

  • Visa,
  • Mastercard,
  • MVola
  • Orange Money.

Follow the instructions according to the selected payment method.

By purchasing your ticket at one of Madagascar Airlines points of sale, you can change or cancel your trip in just a few steps. Here is how to proceed:

On the website of Madagascar Airlines

1. Find your travel or booking

You will need your 6 character file reference (also called PNR, or booking record). If you do not know your file reference, you can find it in the confirmation email you received when you booked your trip.

2. Log in to your booking

Go to the "My booking" page.

To view your online booking, please fill in all fields.  Your file number: or booking reference, is a unique code composed of 6 alphanumeric characters: (example ABC123)

The name of the first passenger: This is the full surname of the passenger registered at the time of booking. (ex: Dupont, or Jean Jacques).

Change fees are applied according to your purchase price.

Change your trip by calling our Call Centre:

You can change your booking record by calling our call centre. You will be guided as you go.

Modify your trip by visiting one of our points of sale:

We will be delighted to welcome you and to serve you in one of our points of sale and our representations in the world. Find an agency near you by consulting the list of agencies on our contact page.

NB: If you bought your plane ticket from a travel agency, you will be fully covered by the travel agency.

You can book a flight up to 4 hours before departure. If the flight leaves in less than 4 hours, go to the Madagascar Airlines agency or the ticket counter at the airport. However, be aware of the necessary sanitary measures before the trip

You can book a flight on up to 10 months in advance and 1 day before the flight. Click here to book a flight.

Vous pouvez prendre des billets pour 9 passagers par réservation sur Pour des groupes de 10 passagers ou plus, contactez le service Groupe. Des conditions de réservations particulières sont appliquées pour les voyages de groupes.

Depending on the nature of the error, Madagascar Airlines allows you to correct your name or surname free of charge within 24 hours after booking, if you incorrectly filled it in when purchasing your ticket. 

The possible corrections are as follows:

  • Spelling errors (up to 3 letters maximum)
  • Maiden name/ bride for married women
  • Inversion of First and Last Names

Changes to full names and surnames are not allowed as the tickets remain non-transferable.

You can edit your ticket directly on if your

You can change your airline ticket at any Madagascar Airlines point of sale if you purchased your airline ticket from an Madagascar Airlines agency, at or any other Madagascar Airlines point of sale.

You can change your airline ticket at your travel agency if you have purchased your airline ticket from a travel agency.

The ticket number is indicated on the following:

Confirmation e-mail and receipt, received from the airport/local ticketing agency: in the attached document, to the right of the passenger names.

The ticket number consists of 13 characters and also contains the airline code. The last 10 digits constitute the ticket number. Additional purchases, such as seats, upgrades and luggage, have separate ticket numbers.

We offer a wide range of payment methods for your bookings, changes and transfers. 
Below you will find the means of payment available to you and some of the security measures we have put in place.

forms of payment accepted

When you book or purchase travel supplements with Tsaradia, you have the following payment options:

  • Visa ( Payment in Euros and Ariary MGA)
  • Mastercard ( Payment in Euros € and Ariary MGA)
  • CB (Payment in Euros €)
  • MVola ( Payment in Ariary MGA)
  • Orange Money ( Payment in Ariary MGA)

After making a reservation and selecting the payment method by credit card, you can make your payments by Visa or MasterCard by filling in the form fields on the payment page: 

  • Name of Cardholder 
  • Card number
  • Expiry Date (Month, Year)
  • Card verification code (last 3 digits on the back of the card)

Once the fields are completed: 

  • Click on "Yes, I confirm the payment"
  • You will receive an SMS containing an OTP code to confirm your payment in case your card is protected by 3D secure
  • Complete the field with the OTP verification code to finalize the payment.
  • A message tells you that the payment is successful

To make a payment using the MVola method, your reservation must be previously in the currency Ariary. After choosing the MVola payment method, the MVola payment page appears. To make the payment, you will need to:

Enter your account information:

Phone number (your MVola account number)
Visual code (code displayed on the payment page to be copied to confirm that you are a human)

Validate your account information:

  • click on the Validate button
    You will receive a text message on your phone asking you to confirm your identity
    Answer with your MVola identification code

After the payment confirmation:

  • The payment page displays the message “Payment confirmed”
  • Your ticket is automatically sent by email to your inbox.
  • A text message and an email will be sent to you by MVola to confirm the payment you made.

NB: Any payment can be traced. The Transaction number will allow Madagascar Airlines to retrieve your payment in case of problems.

To make a payment using the Orange Money method, your reservation must be previously in the currency Ariary. After choosing the Orange Money payment method, the Orange Money payment page appears. To make the payment, you will need to:

Enter your account information:

  • Phone number (your Orange Money account number)

Retrieve the payment code by validating your account information on your mobile:

  • Dial #144*3*3#
  • You will receive an sms on your phone asking you to confirm your identity, by inserting your Orange Money code on your mobile
  • Answer with your Orange Money ID
  • You will receive a unique 6-digit payment code, valid for 15 minutes only
  • Return to the Orange Money payment page and enter the payment code.

After the payment confirmation:

  • The payment page displays the message “Payment confirmed”
  • Your ticket is automatically sent by email to your inbox.
  • A text message will be sent to you by Orange Money confirming the payment you made.

NB : Any payment can be traced. The Transaction number will allow Madagascar Airlines to retrieve your payment in case of problems.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel a payment. You will need to apply for a refund so that we can cancel a transaction. The refund will be made by bank transfer or cheque.

When you purchase your ticket with Madagascar Airlines, the change penalties are clearly indicated in the fare conditions.

Modification penalties vary depending on the fare purchased.

The tarriff adjustment is the compensation for the difference between the original airfare fare and the airfare fare available on the date of the change.

Once the payment is made, you will automatically receive your ticket. Sometimes there is an error in the email address entered. In this case, you should contact our call centre at +261 20 23 444 44 and enter your file number or the name of the main passenger in the ticket.

Madagascar Airlines does not yet accept installment payments. Find cheap ticket, best flight deals in Madagascar.

Madagascar Airlines offers, products and services

Madagascar Airlines offers 2 classes of travel. The "Leisure" class and the "Privilege" class. Find out more about the Privilege class on our dedicated page.

When you purchase a ticket with a "Liberté" and "Privilège" fare you receive a refundable ticket. Click here to learn more about our fares.

Madagascar Airlines offers a limited number of promotional offers available all year round on all its flights. Promotional offers of type "Légèreté", "Coup de coeur" can be purchased all year round, but the number is limited per flight.

The "Promo" fares are special and discounted fares available during special sales periods This fare is applied on designated trips, routes or dates.

Don’t miss these offers, stay in touch with Madagascar Airlines by subscribing to our newsletter, checking our special offers regularly, or by subscribing to our facebook page, or linkedin page.

To benefit and not miss the promotional offers of Tsaradia, book as soon as possible to profit from the lowest price. The closer the flight date is, the less likely you will be to find a promotional offer.

The group offer of Madagascar Airlines is dedicated for any reservation of more than 10 passengers on the same round trip flight and on the same dates. The group offer of Tsaradia have special conditions. Group requests for offers are only on quotation.

The Madagascar Airlines group offer allows you to obtain more flexible booking conditions, such as:

  • A single fare for all passengers.
  • A more flexible booking
  • More flexible settlement arrangements

If you have a group of more than 10 people, we invite you to send us your group quotation request with details of your trip.

To benefit a cheaper rate with Madagascar Airlines, here are some tips:

  • Book a few weeks in advance. You will be more likely to find promotional offers "Légèreté" or "Coup de coeur".
  • Visit the "special offers" page frequently to find cheap offers for flights in the next 15 days.
  • Book and buy directly on the Tsaradia website

The cheapest fare on Madagascar Airlines in 2021 is 246.600 MGA TTC. This is a "Légereté" fare on the Maroantsetra Sainte-Marie route.

Madagascar Airlines offers special shipments with their cargo service. You can see all the information "here".

information about the baggage you can bring

The number and total weight of baggage allowed in the cabin and in the hold depends on the fare you have purchased.

On a Tsaradia flight, you are entitled to 2 pieces of luggage. 1 luggage of 20kg in the hold and 1 luggage of 5kg in the cabin with a "Leisure" fare. With a "Privilege" fare you are entitled to 1 bag of 10kg in the cabin and one bag of 30kg in the hold.  You can also carry 1 accessory of 2 kg maximum (handbag, backpack, bag, etc.). 

Check out our dedicated baggage page for detailed baggage information.

In the hold, the sum of the 3 dimensions (L+l+h) of your luggage must not exceed 158 cm, pockets, wheels and handles included for a maximum total weight of 20kg.

Carry-on baggage must be 55 x 35 x 25cm maximum for a maximum total weight of 5 kg.

To find out the list of prohibited items in carry-on baggage, consult the list of prohibited or regulated items in airplanes.

Items strictly prohibited on board include:

  • Water bottle.
  • Gasoline for lighter
  • Paint 
  • Weed Killer
  • Camping stove
  • LPG: liquefied petroleum gas
  • Ammunition: Bullets
  • Poison or Bleach
  • Gasoline
  • Battery 
  • Any lithium battery: powerbank (risk of explosion and fire)
  • Fireworks

Tsaradia’s baggage allowance remains the same. In the event, that you make a connection and must travel on a flight of another airline in particular on long-haul flights, the baggage transport rules of that airline apply.

The baggage allowance on long-haul flights is different from Tsaradia. On Air Madagascar (Madagascar Airlines)  each passenger is entitled to a deductible of 2x23 kg in the hold and 10kg of baggage in the cabin, for a continuation flight on Air Madagascar, you keep the same deductible registered on the flights of the Air Madagascar/ Tsaradia tickets.
We invite you to consult the website of the company that makes your flight. 

The purchase of an additional piece of baggage or excess baggage is only made at the airport on the day of the flight. The availability of the available weight depends on the load of the aircraft. The price is from 30.000 MGA per kg

When booking, you must indicate in advance if your baggage will exceed the total regulatory size for your checked baggage (total H + L + L greater than 158 cm).

If your luggage is "out of size", you will have to pay a surcharge at the airport.

Check out the out-of-size baggage allowed on our baggage page.

Crutches, canes, walkers, syringes, concentrators and fans are accepted on Tsaradia flights. In general, respirators such as portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) and respiratory apnea equipment (PPC) are allowed on board. Nevertheless, electric power is not available on board and the necessary equipment cannot be used.  If you have battery-powered equipment, please ensure that it is authorized on board.

Plan your trip with Madagascar Airlines

In the event of changes to schedules or dates, Madagascar Airlines will contact you personally by SMS and/or e-mail from your personal information in your flight ticket. Check the Manage My Booking section and make sure Tsaradia has your current contact information (phone number, emails) so that we can reach you in case of disruption.

You can also follow the status of our flights by consulting our regularly updated flight program. The flight schedule is updated every 15 minutes to provide you with a reliable flight schedule.

If you are a customer of a travel agency and have purchased your Tsaradia ticket from it, you will be taken in charge and informed directly by your travel agency.

Madagascar Airlines mainly uses ATR aircraft. The devices offer 70 seats and the devices are configured in 8 seats in Privilege class, and 62 seats in Leisure class.

To travel with peace of mind, select a seat upon booking your flight, or later via the Manage My Booking section. You can also reserve your seat by contacting our customer service.

Madagascar Airlines serves small snacks for flights of more than one hour. These services on board Tsaradia are included in the ticket.

Passengers in "Privilege" benefit from a special snack.

All Madagascar Airlines flights are non-smoking. Passengers not complying with this restriction will be prosecuted.

Madagascar Airlines mainly uses ATR 72 aircraft. You can find all the information about the aircraft used by Madagascar Airlines on our page dedicated to our fleet.

Tubes and flasks less than 100 ml are allowed, but must be placed in a specific plastic and transparent bag, resealable, of a maximum of one litre, of size 20 x 20 approximately.

You can find all the terms and conditions of Madagascar Airlines in case of cancellation of flights in article 15 of the general terms and conditions of sale and transport:

In case of cancellation of flights, the pick-up will be offered to passengers under certain conditions required. Supports may include:

  • refreshments and opportunities to restore oneself sufficiently in view of the waiting time,
  • accommodation at the hotel in cases where a waiting stay of one day or more is required,
  • two telephone calls of 3mn, or free sending of two messages by telex, fax or email.

All vaccinated or unaccepted passengers will be required to complete a Covid-19 test. 

This follows the new provisions declared by the President of the Republic of Madagascar on 30 May 2021. The test performed is a rapid result antigenic test available within 30mn

In the case of a “no-show” where a passenger does not show up for boarding, your airline ticket is cancelled and is no longer valid.

It is not possible to request a refund. However, you must report to the departure stop at the airport and report that you missed your flight.

In case you missed the plane because the previous one was late, In this case, the previous airline is responsible, except in exceptional circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions.

In the event that you cannot reach the airport and take the flight as scheduled, you must immediately report it to the Tsaradia airline as soon as possible (3h before the flight at the latest). If you do not report your inability to fly, you will lose your ticket.

In case of unreported at the airport, the customer loses his plane ticket.

A pregnant woman can travel up to the 7th month (28 weeks) of pregnancy by submitting a proof of month of pregnancy. This can be a medical certificate or any other pregnancy monitoring document. From the 8th month (32 weeks), she is no longer allowed to travel. A doctor’s opinion is always recommended before the trip.

Yes. To make your flight pleasant, please inform us in advance of any need for assistance by calling us at the call centre number or by filling in the contact form at least 72 hours before the flight. If necessary, we will provide you with an assistant who can help you get to and from the airport.

Yes. In order to ensure that your trip is carried out in the best conditions, please inform us in advance of any disability for which you would need assistance or if you are travelling with your own wheelchair. An assistant will be at your disposal to help you get around the airport and to accompany you to the plane. Wheelchairs are available at most airports for travel between check-in and boarding. 

Click here to learn more.


At the check-in counter, you will be asked to present an identity document (national identity card or valid passport) and your electronic ticket.

How to travel to Madagascar?

You can contact the Madagascar Airlines call centre from the numbers below: 


(Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 22:00)

  • Madagascar: +261 (20) 22 510 00
  • France/Europe : 01 42 66 00 00
  • Réunion island : 01 40 06 01 01


(Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 20:00)

  • Tel: +261 34 49 224 02

The government announced the gradual reopening of Madagascar’s borders as of October 23, 2021 (for regional flights from Mauritius and La Réunion to Madagascar) and November 6, 2021 (for flights from Europe to Madagascar).

For this resumption of long-haul flights, Madagascar Airlines will offer a frequency for the first two weeks then 2 weekly rotations from and to France with a round-trip fare from €1,060.