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My booking

  • To view your reservation online, please fill the fields with your booking or ticket number, and your family name (the last name you mentioned at the time of booking)
  • You can check that your transaction came through by viewing your reservation record.

If you made a payment with MVola, or Orange Money, you can check the success of your transaction by checking your booking record. In case your ticket has not been issued, and the debit of your account has not ended. Therefore, we invite you to restart the payment transaction.

The validity of your reservation varies according to the price. The reservation is maintained for 1h30 for promotional rates, and maintained 72h for premium rates. After the time limit, the reservation is automatically cancelled and the place(s) released.

We invite you to make the payment at the latest within the time of creation of the file. Several payment methods are available online. You can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) in the currency Ariary (MGA), and by mobile money MVola and Orange Money in the same currency Ariary.

If you need help, contact us at or via our call center (+261 20 23 444 44) or approach a sales point.