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Madagascar Airlines fares and products

Madagascar Airlines fares

Tz by Madagascar Airlines offers its customers 6 price ranges, with different price levels and restrictions (possibility of modification or refund. Each offer is limited by flights.

The cheapest "Loisirs" fares or promotional :

  • "Legerete" : The cheapest, with 5kg of luggage allowed.
  • "Promo" fares: At the same price as the "light" fare, with 20kg of luggage in the hold and 5kg in the cabin. (Purchase and travel time limited)
  • The "Coup de coeur" rates: Cheaper, with a baggage allowance of 20kg in the hold and 5kg in the cabin

Normal "Loisirs" fares:

  • "Discovery" fares : date change allowed (with penalties, with readjustment if fare not available). 20kg of baggage in the hold, 5kg in the cabin.
  • "Liberté" fares : Date change and refund allowed (without penalties, with readjustment if tariff not available).  20kg of baggage in the hold, 5kg in the cabin.
  • "Privilege" fares : Change of date and refund allowed and without penalties.  30kg of checked baggage, 10kg in cabin.


Madagascar Airlines fares types details :

CabinFare familyDate changeRefundBaggage allowanceDiscountsFare basis


Authorized without penaltiesAuthorized without penaltiesIn the cabin: 1pc of 10kg
In the hold: 1pc of 30kg
Child: 25%
Baby: 90%


Authorized without penaltiesAuthorized without penaltiesIn the cabin: 1pc of 5kg
In the hold: 1pc of 20kg
Child: 25%
Baby: 90%


Penalties before departure: 70,000 MGAUnauthorizedIn the cabin: 1pc of 5kg
In the hold: 1pc of 20kg
Child: 25%
Baby: 90%

Coup de coeur

UnauthorizedUnauthorizedIn the cabin: 1pc of 5kg
In the hold: 1pc of 20kg
Child: 25%
Baby: 90%


UnauthorizedUnauthorized1 piece of 5kg
No checked baggage
Child: 25%
Baby: 90%


UnauthorizedUnauthorizedIn the cabin: 1pc of 5kg
In the hold: 1pc of 20kg
Child: 25%
Baby: 90%

Roso e ! *

UnauthorizedUnauthorizedIn the cabin: 1pc of 5kg
In the hold: 1pc of 20kg
Child: 25%
Baby: 90%


Promotion "Loisirs" fares

These are the cheapest fares from Tsaradia. Being discounted rates, these rates have restricted conditions . These restrictions concern the conditions for modifying and reimbursing the plane ticket, as well as the authorized baggage allowances. Below is the list of "promotion" type prices:

  • "Legerete":  A cheap price, without luggage available all year (Limited number per flight)
  • "Coup de coeur": valid all year with 20kg of checked baggage and 10kg in the cabin (Limited number per flight)
  • "Roso e" and "Promo" fares: Promotional fares with a baggage allowance of 20kg at the price of the "light fare. Available for a limited period on a selection of flights.

Refund conditions

  • The promotional prices "Légereté", "Coup de coeur", and "Roso e" are neither modifiable nor refundable.

* Flash sales valid on a selection of flights departing within the next 3 weeks.


Flexible "Loisirs" fares

With our flexible offers, you have the option of modifying or refunding your ticket as you wish. Choose a modifiable and refundable ticket (fare adjustment applied if the price of the new ticket is higher than the initial fare).


  • Privilège : Modification free of charge
  • Liberté  : Modification free of charge
  • Découverte : Modification with penalties

Ticket change rules :

  • Tickets with the "Decouverte" fare may be modified with penalties, with readjustment if initial price is not available.
  • With tickets with the "Liberte" fare, change your trip as you wish. The modification of the date as well as the itinerary of the flight is free of charge.
  • (A fare adjustment will be applied if the price of the new ticket is higher than the initial fare.)

Conditions de remboursement

  • Privilège : Refundable
  • Liberté : Refundable
  • Découverte : Not Refundable

The refund of "Liberté" fare includes :

  • The amount excluding tax of the ticket
  • The fuel surcharge tax "YQ"
  • airport taxes 

The service charge (5 €) is not refundable.

"Privilege" fares

The advantages of the "Privilege" rate: 

You get the best benefits. You can change your date and itinerary without penalties or request a refund of your ticket without penalties*

You will benefit from:

  • the highest baggage allowance with a total of 40 kg of baggage (10kg in the cabin and 30kg in the hold). 
  • Access to the Tsaradia Lounge from Antananarivo
  • A priority queue
  • and more...

Refund conditions :

  • The reimbursement of a "Privilege" rate includes:
  • The amount excluding tax of the ticket
  • The fuel surcharge tax "YQ"
  • airport taxes 
  • The service charge (5 €) is not refundable

Modification conditions

Modify your trip at will. The modification of the date as well as the route of the flight is without penalty (with price readjustment if the original fare is not available, or following a modification of the itinerary).

Discounted fares for Child and baby

Children and babies benefit from discounted fares on Tz by Madagascar Airlines flights. A child benefits from 25% discount on the adult price and baby benefits from 90% on the adult price.


"Child" Fare  (2 to 11 years old)

Pricing conditions:

The child rate benefits from a discount of 0 to 25% on the adult rate, in Privilege and Leisure classes.

  • A child aged 2 to 4 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A child aged 5 to 11 can travel alone (see next section).
  • A child benefits from the same baggage allowances as an adult, both in the cabin and in the hold.

Unaccompanied minor (UM)

At the request of the parents, children aged 5 to 11 can be taken in charge as UM (unaccompagned minor).
It is important to note when booking that the child will be travelling without an attendant.
If booking is made online, please let us know either by contacting us or by calling our Call Centre at +261 20 23 444 44

At the airport

A parental authorization from a parent(s) or legal guardian(s) not part of the trip will be required upon check-in.
Families travelling with children aged 2 to 4 enjoy priority boarding.


Discounted fare : "baby" (7 days to 23 months old)

Conditions tarifaires :

  • A baby gets a 90% discount if he travels on your lap. However, you can book it as a child (child rate) so that it can get an individual seat.
  • A baby must be accompanied by an adult.
  • In Privilege and Leisure classes, a baby benefits from 10kg baggage allowance.

Baby at the airport :

  • The transport of strollers is free. Marked at check-in, the stroller will be labelled as a suitcase but can be used up to the aircraft doors.
  • Families travelling with children aged 2 to 4 enjoy priority boarding.

Information on the taxes that make up the airline ticket

At the international level, several parameters structure the price of an airline ticket: there is on the one hand the income , which is of the company, and on the other hand various taxes.

For Madagascar Airlines, income represents around 40% of the cost of the ticket itself, and miscellaneous taxes represent 60%.
Revenue includes several strata including fuel overload, aircraft purchase and maintenance, cost of meals and beverages served on board, marketing and advertising expenses, and business margin.

The various taxes are:

  • 1. the YQ tax: it is the fuel surcharge which depends on the fluctuation of the price of oil. It is also a tax on security expenses and insurance premiums. (varies according to the price of oil)
  • 2. taxes G9 ( Ravinala Airport) or A5 (other): these are taxes related to the use of the airport in Antananarivo and in provinces. It is a tax calculated in proportion to the number of passengers on board.
  • 3. VAT: this is value added tax. (up to 20% of Madagascar Airlines income)
  • 4. The MG tax: this is the tax relating to the operation of civil aviation in Madagascar, but also to the spatial planning of civil aviation. 
  • 5. YR tax: represents all management fees and costs associated with a reservation. It is different according to the points of sale: Madagascar Airlines or third-party agencies. (at 10 € in the Madagascar Airlines points of sale)

Payments accepted online

Payments accepted online

Payment in currency in Ariary

For Madagascar Airlines ticket purchases, you can make your payment by local credit card and/or Mobile money:

Bank cards:

  • VISA

Mobile Money : 

  • MVola
  • Orange Money

All payments are secure.

Group offer (+10 passengers)

Finding a flight for a group of travellers can be difficult with the limited number of seats available on Madagascar Airlines flights. Madagascar Airlines "Group" offer is of particular interest to groups of travellers wishing to travel together.

Tz by Madagascar Airlines facilitates the organization of group trips of more than 10 people by blocking seats on the chosen flight.

With more flexible conditions, the Madagascar Airlines group offer you:

  • allows to block seats even without knowing in advance the details of passengers
  • offers flexible payment methods (ideal for companies, tour operators...)s
  • The group reservation is made on the basis of the «Liberté» tariff (Y rate), for a reservation as early as 15 days before departure.

Contact us on


Persons with disabilities and reduced mobility

We provide special assistance to People with Disabilities and Reduced Mobility on our flights (PHMR).

In compliance with international standards, our crew will watch over you, at the stopover, on board, and during connections with airport services. A special place is reserved for you on board as our aircraft are equipped to receive you.
For those guided by an accompanying dog, your guardian angel can follow you to the cabin.

To do this, you must inform us at the moment of booking the nature of the reduced mobility or the handicap, the appropriate position to travel

If you have already made a reservation and would like assistance upon arrival at the check-in counter, please make your request here.
A reply will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Check our the "Health and special assistance" page to find more information.

Paid meals on the Domestic Network (except Toamasina)

Please be informed of  of the following meals on board on the Domestic Network, valid from March 24, 2023 :

  • Club sandwich: vegetable tuna fish or zebu rillette
  • Bagels: zebu steak or chicken

Please find beloww details and conditions : 

 - Amounts in MGA: per flight coupon

MEAL 1Club SA tuna vegetables (Sandwich bread, tuna crumbs, hamburger cheese, vegetable mousse)13,000 MGA
MEAL 2Club SA with zebu rillette (Sandwich bread, zebu rillette, hamburger cheese, vegetable mousse)13,000 MGA
MEAL 3Bagels with zebu steak (Bagel bread, slivered almonds, zebu steak, cucumber)13,000 MGA
MEAL 4Chicken Bagels (Bagel bread, flaked almonds, chicken, grilled zucchini)13,000 MGA

- Application : Antananarivo-Antsiranana and v.v; Antananarivo-Nosy-Be and v.v; Antananarivo-Mahajanga and v.v; Antananarivo-Morondava and v.v; Antananarivo-Toliara and v.v;                              Antananarivo-Taolagnaro and v.v; Antananarivo-Sainte-Marie and v.v; Antananarivo-Sambava and v.v; Antananarivo-Maroantsetra and v.v

- Booking class : all booking classes

- Period of application : all year

- Sales restriction : salable on Madagascar Airlines flights only, during the purchase of the ticket or until H - 36 from take-off time

- Child and baby discounts: not applicable

- Penalties : modifiable* free of charge but non-refundable**

 *depending on availability on the new flight and respecting H - 36
**even if your fare is refundable