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Ambatondrazaka, a destination to discover absolutely

Tsaradia has two weekly flights of about 40 minutes to Ambatondrazaka: Madagascar's rice granary.

The city of Ambatondrazaka is located in the Alaotra-Mangoro region in the north-east of Antananarivo, in the province of Toamasina (Tamatave). Ambatondrazaka is a large city of about 1.5 million inhabitants living mainly from agriculture and livestock. In Ambatondrazaka, you can see Lake Alaotra in all its splendour. The surrounding landscapes are composed of rice fields, small hills, or traditional local houses made of "zetra" (reeds) and bamboos.

Located in the highlands, Ambatondrazaka enjoys an altitude tropical climate, characterized by very mild tropical temperatures and a cool winter. Thanks to this climate and the fertility of the land, the region is conducive to rice farming, making it the main rice producing region in Madagascar.

Lake Alaotra

Located at an altitude of 750m, Lake Alaotra is the largest lake in Madagascar with an area of 900km2. The lake is surrounded by rice fields and has many fish resources. You can walk around Lake Alaotra by mountain bike, quad or motorcycle as well as in 4×4, or by hiking.

Le Bandro

Get to know Bandro, one of Madagascar's endemic lemurs. This small day lemur can only be found in the Alaotra region, where it lives permanently in the marshes. Parks are open in Ambatondrazaka to observe it, such as Camp BANDRO, labelled "World Village". This medium-sized lemur, with a grey-brown coat, endemic to Madagascar, is easily recognizable by its small rounded ears and the shape of its hands and feet, which forces it to move in a different way.

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