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Flight and travel to Madagascar

Let's travel to Antananarivo!

Antananarivo, the city of thousand

Antananarivo, The capital of Madagascar is a city rich in culture. Its name, literally means Town of a thousand, reflects its royal stories, as it expresses the 1000 soldiers who surrounded the city at the time of the king Radama I. The capital has a very dynamic population and shows the harmony between the different Malagasy cultural ethnicities. Visiting the city of a thousand is a preview of all destinations in Madagascar. It has a lot of restaurants that are ready to immerse yourself in the real taste of Malagasy traditional meals and gastronomy.

Historic and touristic sites of Antananarivo:

Now, Antananarivo has more than 3 million inhabitants. It presents a diverse population which represents the different Malagasy culturals ethnicity, primarily the Merina ethnicity. As it has a diverse population, the region is also populated by people from Asia, Africa and Indonesia.



Rova Manjakamiadana, the queen palace : 

Rova Manjakamiadana is an old royal palace. This queen palace holds the stories of the Imerina Kingdom as well as the European colonization era. While its design affirms these European influences in the Imerina Kingdom. Rova Manjakamiadana architectural was inspired by the French consul competencies Jean Labord at the time of the queen Ranavalona I. Then, it was redesigned in stone by a Scot designer and missioner James Cameron who also built a protestant church by the queen Rasoherina request on the left of the palace. Following the fire on November,6th 1995, its interior and roof caught on fire. As a result, visiting inside the Rova was not possible, but not now... 25 years after the fire, Rova Manjakamiadana is ready to be visited.

The Rova Ambohimanga hill:

Rova Ambohimanga is the most preserved monument of Imerina kingdom. Located at only 24 km Northeast of the capital, Ambohimanga sacred hill will make you know the wisdom and the treasure of the royal period, especially from the king Andrianampoinimerina. An authentic place where you will be immersed in the Imerina dynasty story. This visit will awake your curiosity about the Malagasy traditional religion on discovering the worship place. Classified as a sacred place, it was a royal funeral site and also a bathing place for sovereigns. This royal city of Ambohimanga is a monument figured in the world heritage of UNESCO on the basis of cultural criteria since 2001.

Photography Museum:

Just a few metres from Rova Manjakamiadana, located in the old quarter of Anjohy at Rue Andriamanalina Ravelomanantsoa, the museum of photography will show you the primary cities history of Madagascar. Be connected with the malagasy royal history on watching movies in the projection room. And visit the exposition room to discover all pictures taken in 1860 and 1960. Then, take a little break in the museum garden and enjoy the meal at "le café du musée'' that showcases vita malagasy* product. (* made in Madagascar)

Visiting Antananarivo zoo!

Lemurs park :

No 1 of 35 things to visit in Antananarivo according to Tripadvisor, a place that a nature lover should not miss on RN1. Go to visit the park, located 25 km to the west of Antananarivo in the direction of Imerintsiatosika in Itasy region. Like its name, the park shelters different kinds of lemuria from all Madagascar region and also different fauna and flora, all these in the green space of 5 ha.

Tsimbazaza zoo :

Tsimbazaza the botanical park was created in 1925 by French colonists. It is located at Tsimbazaza in the city center of Antananarivo. Enjoy some relaxing moments in the city center as this park takes you away from the outside stress. Discover different endemic animals from Madagascar and find an artificial lake dug during the Kingdom of Radama I, which was used as a bath for soldiers.


Located 3 km from Ivato airport, Crocfarm is a botanic park. You will discover both endemic and non-endemic Madagascar anaimals. It is also a conservatory of medicinal plants and endemic plants in Madagascar.

Antananarivo surroundings!

Travel to Ampefy!

Ampefy is located 120 km to the west of Antananarivo town, in Soavinandriana district in Itasy region. If you want a quiet weekend, Ampefy will be the best destination for you. Many operator tours organize stays at Ampefy with many sensational and unique activities such as kayaking, paragliding, and visiting some touristic sites, for instance, Lily waterfall, Amparaky geyser, and the Island of the Virgin.

Lily waterfall:

Lily waterfall contains 2 waterfalls which were called Antafofo. According to the tourist, the second waterfall is higher than the first waterfall at a height of 26 meters. For strong sensation lovers, this is the right place for a waterfall dive in Madagascar. Find out this second waterfall after 30 minutes walk from the first waterfall while exploring the surrounding cities. It is located in the middle of a calm landscape, with fresh air and a great place for a little break.

Amparaky geysers:

The site is located 12 km on the off-road track. Unique artificial geysers invade by a degraded color going from yellow to the red sun. The place includes a mud and clay pool for softer and suppler skin. You can also have a massage with clay, and a bath with tepid water by the geyser. This tepid water by the geysers is due to an artesian phenomenon and not avolcanic wells.

Island of the virgin:

In order to admire the Ampefy landscape, climb the mountain to reach the top and the center of Madagascar " Island of the virgin ". Like its name, there is a statue of the Blessed Virgin at the top and the middle of the mountain.

Discover Antsirabe!

Antsirabe is the 3rd largest city in Madagascar. 171 km to the south of Madagascar, by going to RN7 from Antananarivo, enjoy the stay in this large city. A city that you can discover by going for a rickshaw ride to Independence avenue and all the tourist sites at Antsirabe. The ideal period for a stay is in April-May and September-October.

To do list at Antsirabe:

A rickshaw ride is an ideal way to discover the city towards the independence avenue where you will find the train station and the cathedral of Antsirabe with the typical French architecture. Do not forget to visit Visy gasy or Madagascar Vichy water for some refreshment with this rich in minerals drink. For relaxation time, Antsirabe, also called water city, has a thermal center for a swim in the pool Ranomafana* (means hot water) which is headed by a volcanic spring.

Lake Tritriva:

The lake becomes a touristic place not only because of its beauty but also of its story. This is the place where a young couple killed themselves by jumping in the lake, some people say that it is the Malagasy version of Romeo and Juliet. Tritriva, an emerald blue water lake, is the best place for quiet original shots. Going to the lake needs a little walk, but the view deserves this adventure.

Lake of Andraikiba:

For a feeling of serenity and fullness during your stay, take a rest at the lake of Andraikiba which is only 7 km from the city of Antsirabe. A quiet place that has different activities such as a horseback ride around the lake, a ride on a pedal boat, and barbecue with families and friends. You can also buy some souvenirs in shops around the lake which sell semi-precious and precious gemstones at a cheaper price than at Antsirabe.

Practical Info

Malagasy crafts market:

Find out Malagasy know-how, and buy some souvenirs to memory your visit to Madagascar. Antananarivo offers you a lot of Malagasy crafts shops. You can find several products such as interior decoration, fashion accessories (crocodile leather bags, watch, natural silk fabric or dress, raffia decoration, ...) Find these products at Analakely, Ambohitrimanjaka and 67ha market.

Hotel and restaurant:

Wherever you stay is in Antananarivo, Ampefy, and Antsirabe, there are a lot of hotels and restaurants that you can choose according to your budget. The beginning of your culinary journey to Madagascar will start from the capital with the large choices of restaurants.

Antananarivo Airport:

Ivato Airport is located 15 km to the Northwest of Antananarivo at the Ambohidratrimo district in Analamanga region. Since 1961, the airport has received all incoming and outgoing flights, and international and national flights.

Weather and climate:

Antananarivo has a tropical climate: a mild, rainy summer and a cool, dry winter. The region’s annual temperature is 18°C with the warmest in February and the coldest in July. The ideal period to visit Antananarivo is from March until December.

Agence Tsaradia Antananarivo


Address: Terminal B Ivato Antananarivo airport


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 7 a.m to 3:30 p.m

Saturday: 7 a.m to 10a.m 

                2:30 p.m to 4 p.m

sunday: 10 a.m to 1 p.m 

              2:30 p.m to 4 p.m


Address: 31, Avenue de l'indépendance 


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m

Saturday: 8 a.m to 11 a.m


Address: Immeuble LaCity 3000, Ivandry

                Ground floor- Box 029 


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m to 5:30 p.m

Saturday: 9 a.m to 12:30 p.m

TSARADIA flights to Antananarivo

To Ivato, the international airport of Antananarivo (TNR), TSARADIA has at least one daily flight from the major provincial cities: Antsiranana (Diego-Suarez), Nosy Be (NOS), Sambava (SVB), Toliara (Tuléar - TLE), Taolagnaro (Fort-Dauphin - FTU) and Toamasina (Tamatave - TMM).

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