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Flight and travel to Madagascar

Toliara (Tuléar)

Toliara, Discover a multicultural town

In the past, the South-West of Madagascar from Tulear to Morondava was inhabited mainly by the Vezo, a living ethnic group mainly of fishing. Today, Tuléar is a melting pot of ethnic groups and the city unveils the friendly conviviality of the Tulearois.

There is no shortage of activities in Tulear. You will discover a rich cultural life, local flavors inspired by both India, China and Europe, and its many museums: the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Arts and Traditions Mahafaly, Vers le Nord, in the seaside resort of Ifaty, you can enjoy beautiful beaches in the immediate vicinity or enjoy the many lagoons and try kite surfing in some nautical club. You can also make a getaway around the main town and visit authentic traditional fishing villages Vezo.

Weather in Tuléar (Toliara)

Tuléar is located in the arid region of Madagascar. As a result, Toliara (Tulear) has a desert climate with an average temperature of 25.3 °C and low precipitation of 321.2 mm on average. In winter, the nights are cool in the area, but the temperature of the sea remains around 23 °C. You can enjoy the beach and swimming all year round.

The seaside village of Ifaty

A tourist destination still unknown in the world, Ifaty is a paradise located 25 km north of the town of Tulear, near a fishing village with the same name. Ifaty is the most popular seaside destination in southern Madagascar with its postcard landscape, white and fine sands and tranquility of the region. The beach of Ifaty is protected by a 40 km coral reef populated with a superb flora and a rich varied fauna that will delight lovers of underwater hiking or snorkeling.

How do we get to Ifaty ?

Enjoy the landscape by joining Ifaty from Tulear. The change of scenery is guaranteed. Ifaty is accessible from Tuléar by motorbike, taxi or mountain bike, or by boat. You will have the choice among the numerous hotel infrastructures located in Mangily.

The RENIALA reserve

The Reniala reserve is a private reserve with preserved nature in the South of Madagascar. It is located at the exit of the village of Mangily Ifaty in the direction of Morombe.

The reserve of Reniala extends over an area of 45 hectares and has an abundant and endemic fauna and flora. The reserve counts more than 2000 species of plants and trees, in particular Xerophytes (Plants adapted to dry environments), numerous species of endemic birds, reptiles and lemurs.

The Reniala Reserve is also called Domergue Reserve. It is the privileged place for scientists and birdwatchers.

The seaside resort of Anakao south of Tuléar

In the South of the city of Tulear and Saint-Augustin, there is Anakao. Anakao is a vezo village of the commune of Ambolofoty. To reach Anakao, you can take a boat or a pirogue. It is an ideal place to practice nautical activities such as scuba diving and fishing. Surf lovers will also enjoy the warmth of the water, with ideal water temperatures averaging around 28 °C in summer. Tulear is the ideal place for tourists looking for tranquility and a change of scenery.

Vol tulear

in the vinicity of Tulear

Fort-dauphin, Morondava, Saint-Augustin

From Tuléar you can reach Morondava a little further North, or Fort Dauphin (Taolagnaro) to the South-East of Tulear on the Indian Ocean side. For the Tuléar route to Morondava, you have the choice between traveling by 4x4 or taxi bush and canoe for the more adventurous. The distance on the road is 980 km through the national park of Isalo and the great city of Fianarantsoa.

To reach Fort Dauphin, you have the choice between 4x4, bush taxi or Tsaradia flights. Passing by the road, you will have to travel a distance of 600 km to make the journey from Tuléar towards Taolagnaro, Fort Dauphin.

Madagascar Airlines flights to Toliara (Tuléar)

To Toliara (TLE), Madagascar Airlines has a daily flight from Antananarivo (TNR), and weekly flights from Taolagnaro (Fort-Dauphin - FTU). 

Book your flight ticket now and enjoy the cheapest fares to the "Tsy Miroro" city (which never sleeps).


Madagascar Airlines agency in Toliara

Adress: Rue Henri-Martin


Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m to 11:30 a.m

                           2:30 p.m to 5 p.m


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