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General conditions of use

Data protection statement

The protection of your personal and confidential data is very important to Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar). Such protection is carefully tended to on our website and all its derivatives. The data protection techniques we use meet the requirements of the acts governing data protection on the Internet. Technical and organizational security measures have been taken to provide your data with maximum protection against incidental or intended manipulation, loss, destruction, or unauthorized access. These measures are optimized on an ongoing basis, as technology advances.

Personal data

To effect your reservation, we are required to collect some of your personal data. If this is your first reservation, you will need to provide data such as your name, street address, postal address, telephone number and email address, and then select a user name and password. These data will be stored and you will no longer need to enter them afterwards. In addition, at each reservation, you need to provide your payment details such as the information on your credit card, account number or number of the credit card used. Your reservation will be effected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which guarantees safe transfer of your data from your browser to our booking system.

All brands (brand names and logos, including the organisation and structure of the website), software and photos are the property of Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) or its partners. You may not copy, alter, change, publish, issue, distribute, sell, transfer, in part or in whole, any material or code of underlying software, unless you have received written and duly signed permission from Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar). On the other hand, you may download, print or copy the content of this site for personal, non-commercial use. Exception is made of registration forms.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) does not sell nor rent your personal data to third parties. Your personal data, including information on the payment method, as well as status of reservation, is disclosed only to the organization in charge of the payment (credit card or bank card) for the reservation. Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) reserves the right to communicate your personal data to trusted third parties that provide any service requested by you. For example, details on Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) reservation forms are liable to be disclosed to our partners to enable clients to swiftly and easily perform their reservation. Still, your consent will be requested before any data transfer is effected. We collect and/or communicate personal data to Representatives of the Legal Authority only in case of requisition.

Right of withdrawal

At your request and at no cost, you may obtain information on the data concerning you that we have recorded. In addition, you are entitled to correct, delete, and block any incorrect information. Any correction or deletion effected by you does not affect the information used for accounting and invoicing purposes.

Use of "Cookies"

Cookies: Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) values your privacy. Be assured that we take utmost care to ensure the protection and confidentiality of any personal data you provide us with. This page explains how your personal data is managed and protected, and how we use cookies.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of information that your browser stores in a file on your computer. It allows for temporarily saving information on site visits and visitors. As such, every time an internet user visits a site, data on previous visits are retrieved. Cookies do not generate or transmit viruses.

Why use cookies?

Like most commercial sites, Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) collects information specific to the computer of the internet user to optimize usage. By browsing the site, you authorise by default Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) to store cookies on your browser. If you do not wish the site to store cookies on your browser, you can disable cookies by changing your browser parameters or options. If you choose to disable cookies, you will not be recognized the next time you browse the site

Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) uses

performance cookies which inform on the frequency of vists or traffic to optimize the site and prevent and fix bugs. This type of cookies is used to collect information on the way internet users use the site. As such, they allow for monitoring data such as the number of visits per page or the number of error messages displayed. The information stored by the cookies cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Cookies used for targeting purposes allow for proposing attractive deals and contents to site visitors.

Cookies also allow for optimising and customising the content displayed.

Website operation

We use a "cookie"-based search software to obtain information on the frequency of use and number of users of our website. However, we cannot use this software to obtain any personal data that could be used to identify users. TSARADIA may provide trusted third parties with statistics on client behaviour when the said statistics do not contain any information that could be used to identify the user.


If you subscribe to the B-to-B (Business to Business) of Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar), you will be among the first to be emailed the latest news of our Airline , as well as current offers and special offers. We may cancel your subscription to the Newsletter at any time. To assess response, we use measurement methods compliant with current standards in the sector.

Links to other websites

The Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar)website contains links to other websites. This data protection policy does not cover other website providers. We do not have the influence to know whether the website operators we have links with comply with data protection regulations or not.

Disclaimer of warranty

To the extent allowable under the law, we make no implicit guarantee relating to any information, service, and document contained in the present website. The information, services, and documents are all provided "as is" and as available and do not come with any warranty whatsoever.

Your agreement

By using the Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) website, you consent to Madagascar Airlines (Tsaradia-Air Madagascar) collecting and using data as described hereabove. The rapid development of the Internet requires us to update our confidentiality policy as soon as it proves necessary. For questions or requests, comments or suggestions on data protection, please send an email with "Legal Notices" mentioned in object to our data protection office at the following address:



When booking, the conditions described below must be acknowledged as read and accepted prior to the final confirmation of your order. The payment of tickets is therefore equivalent to the acceptance of these general conditions of sale and transport

Tsaradia reserves the right to modify or, more generally, update these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. This is why we invite you to consult them regularly.


On, immediate purchase of the ticket is mandatory in order to maintain and confirm the booking. However, the buyer has 80 minutes to make his payment after booking.

Personal details must be filled in. They will allow you to stay informed of any changes to your booking.


It is possible to book up to 9 passengers per file: adult(s) and child(s). Child(s) and baby(s) cannot be booked alone.

A baby must always travel with a companion: only one companion per baby. 

If your child is travelling alone, on group trips or for special assistance requests, we invite you to contact our call centre at 261 20 23 444 44 (price of a normal call, without over-taxation) or your Tsaradia point of sale.

At check-in, the presentation of an ID of each traveller (adult, child and baby) is mandatory. It is therefore imperative that you have an identity card, a passport, a copy of a birth certificate, a family booklet or any official document that can prove the identity of a minor child. Failing this, or in case of failure to present parts deemed non-compliant, Tsaradia reserves the right not to give you the boarding coupons for security reasons.


On, rates are displayed including taxes (all taxes included, service fees included).

Rates and availability change in real time.  Only the confirmation of your reservation allows you to benefit from the price displayed at the time of your search.

Babies under 2 years and children between 2 and 11 years (included) are subject to special reductions. In these cases, ensure that for the entire trip (to and from) of the ticket, the age bracket eligible for the ticket rate is always respected. For assistance, please contact our Call Centre at 261 20 23 444 44 (regular call price, no over-taxation) or your Tsaradia point of sale.

At the conclusion of your reservation you will receive a booking confirmation with your booking number and specifying all the information relating to your trip; your ticket(s) and the legal conditions in force.


From step 2 «Results» of the booking process, it is possible to consult the price conditions applicable to the chosen rate.

On this page, the price classes, minimum/maximum duration of the stay on site, conditions for modification and cancellation of the ticket(s), child(s) discounts/ baby(s) if applicable, baggage allowances are specified.

In case of combination of several routes with different rates and conditions:

the booking modification conditions are those of the fare associated with the section

If a section has already been used, the return flight can no longer be modified

the most restrictive refund conditions apply to the entire ticket.

A partial refund is not allowed.

If the conditions of the tariff permit, a refund of unused coupons may be requested.


For all reservations on, at our call centre or at your Tsaradia point of sale, the service fee for issuing the ticket is 20.000Ar (twenty thousand ariary) per coupon on domestic flights with Tsaradia, and 10€ on international flights with Air Madagascar.

Service fees are non-refundable in case of ticket cancellation (except involuntary).




Secure payment

You can pay by secure credit card online: Visa, Mastercard. An authorization request is sent to your bank. If this is accepted, your order is confirmed.

You will then receive a confirmation email and your e-ticket will be issued automatically. Tsaradia simultaneously requests the debit of your card.

Tsaradia chose to use Ingenico Ogone’s e-commerce solution, recognized by the main players in the financial world.

When processing your payment transactions, Ingenico Ogone adopts the most stringent security standards on the market, such as 128-bit SSL 3.0 encryption techniques. This ensures the security of the information provided by the customer during the banking transaction. All this information remains confidential.

This technology does not involve the risk of piracy. Payment information is encrypted from your computer to the bank server.

In addition, Ingenico Ogone is triple-certified by American Express (TDC), Mastercard and Visa (PCI DSS) to meet and enforce strict security standards, both in the technology used to process your data and in the work processes

Checks on online or telephone banking transactions

Tsaradia carries out controls on transactions. Our teams may have to ask the buyer by any means:

a legible copy of the front of the bank card used to pay for the tickets (photocopy or photo)

a legible copy of the cardholder’s and passenger’s ID.


Tsaradia retains the right to cancel the passenger’s booking and tickets in the following cases:

  • not receiving the documents specified above
  • receipt of documents deemed non-compliant
  • no response from the buyer or inability to contact the buyer within 24 hours of booking
  • This measure aims to prevent any risk of fraudulent use of your credit card by a third party without your knowledge.
  • Failing this, or in case of presentation of parts deemed non-compliant, Tsaradia reserves the right not to give you boarding coupons for security reasons.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but these measures allow us to effectively reduce bank fraud.

Payment in Ariary currency (MGA)

For purchases on our site, from our call centre or from our Tsaradia points of sale, it is possible to do:

A payment by MVOLA:

the mobile payment service provided by TELMA. 

The service is accessible in Madagascar from a mobile phone and a TELMA chip associated with a MVOLA account with a sufficient balance.

You will receive an SMS message on your phone inviting you to accept or cancel the payment with your MVola secret code.

A payment confirmation will be sent by sms, and displayed on the payment page.

A payment by ORANGE MONEY:

the mobile payment service provided by ORANGE.

The service is accessible in Madagascar from a mobile telephone and an Orange chip associated with an Orange Money account with a sufficient balance.

You will be asked to provide a random payment code obtained via the Orange Money menu (#144#). Once the account number and payment code is inserted and validated, a payment confirmation will be sent by sms, and displayed on the payment page for the online version.

Payment by VISA, and MASTERCARD 

You can make your payment by secure credit card online in the local currency in Ariary. Tsaradia has chosen to use the BNI P@y e-commerce solution for online Visa and Mastercard payments.  BNI P@y is the first online instant card payment banking platform in Madagascar. 

Your payment is secured thanks to the 3D Secure device allowing the authentication of the credit card holder. You receive an SMS with a code to validate your transaction.


  • If you have purchased your ticket online, and the fare conditions allow it, you can change your booking online, by calling our call centre or at your Tsaradia point of sale.
  • You can view your booking at any time and make changes to your travel date online or update your personal details.
  • A change to the online booking:
  • Can be done immediately after the ticket purchase
  • Affects all passengers belonging to the same booking record
  • May not be authorized, or subject to penalties or additional charges.
  • The modification cannot be done in linen if one of the sections has already been used.
  • For tickets purchased in travel agencies, please contact this operator directly.



If you renounce your trip, you can request a refund of your ticket if the conditions of your fare allow (reimbursement may incur costs).

To do this, you can contact your usual Tsaradia point of sale or use the refund request form on our site free of charge. Your application will be processed no later than 90 days from the date of receipt of your application.

For tickets purchased at a travel agency, please submit your request directly to this operator.



The refund conditions for the YQ carrier surcharge are linked to the ticket’s fare conditions.

In case of cancellation, in case of non-refundable ticket, the fuel surcharge will not be refundable. Only airport and government taxes are.



In the event that your transport ticket is still valid but has not been used for transport, you are entitled to a refund of individual taxes and fees.  IF you have purchased your ticket on or through our Call Centre, you can use the free online refund request form.

The refund will be made no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of your request.

If you bought your ticket at a Tsaradia agency or at the travel agency of your choice, we invite you to contact your agency to request a refund of the individual fees and taxes.


At each step, it is important to read all the information on the page. By proceeding to the next step, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions and information listed on the current page.

To change your search criteria, click on "Edit selection", located on the "Results" page

To edit passenger information, click “Edit passenger information” on the “Passengers” page.

During the booking process, we invite you not to click on the "previous" button of your browser.

You are entitled to 20 minutes of session from the beginning of your search until the payment of your reservation. During this period, your reservation is maintained and your rate is guaranteed. Beyond that, you will have to do new searches for flights and fares.



We draw your attention to the fact that, in accordance with the provisions of the consumer code, the user does not have a right of withdrawal when purchasing tickets on our site.



Tsaradia notes are nominative and non-transferable. Therefore, any change of "name" is not allowed.

The Tsaradia ticket purchased by the passenger is valid only for the transport indicated there, from the point of departure to the point of destination, with the stop(s) of transit or connection(s) planned at the time of purchase of the ticket.

The fare of the ticket paid by the passenger corresponds to the route indicated on his ticket and constitutes an essential element of the Contract of Carriage binding the carrier and the passenger. 
The passenger’s ticket will not be accepted and will become invalid if all coupons have not been used in their order of issue.


In accordance with Article L.232-6 of the Internal Security Code, we inform you that air carriers may be required to transmit the booking, check-in and boarding data of their passengers (API/PNR) to the French administration, according to the processing methods and for the purposes set out in decree no. 2014-1095 of 26/09/2014.

The online publication and/or posting of these Conditions of Carriage constitutes an act of information only.

These Conditions of Carriage are available in English; in the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the French version, the French version will prevail.



The online publication and/or posting of these Terms of Sale constitutes an act of information only. 

These Terms of Sale are available in English, in the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the English version and the French version, the French version will prevail.