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Health and special assistance

Help for passengers requiring special assistance

Madagascar Airlines wants to offer the best travel experience by offering the best comfort conditions at the airport as well as on board. For this, Madagascar Airlines has put in place a set of services adapted to the needs of people requiring special assistance or people with reduced mobility to offer them a peaceful and safe journey. To ensure your flight goes smoothly, inform us in advance of any disability, reduced mobility, visual or hearing impairment, or mental health condition requiring special attention from us at the airport or during your flight. The extent to which people in any of the categories need to receive assistance will vary significantly depending on :

  • the needs of each individual
  • the type of plane
  • the configuration of the plane
  • the occupancy rate.

Passengers requiring a wheelchair

If you are travelling with your wheelchair, or if you wish to benefit from wheelchair assistance, or any other need for mobility assistance for travel to the airport, please inform us at least 72 hours before departure.

You can inform us when you purchase your flight ticket or when booking the assistance service by using the special assistance form or by contacting our customer service at +261 20 23 444 44.

The Service is available to passengers requiring a wheelchair :

  • to reach an/or depart from the gate 
  • to clear customs;
  • to collect your luggage.
  • to get to the plane (WCHS)

Note that an escort is mandatory for assistance on board for completely immobilized passengers (WCHC), i.e.:

  • who require a wheelchair to travel to and from the aircraft,
  • which must be carried up and down the stairs and to reach and leave their seats;
  • The maximum dimensions for wheelchairs or moving aids on Madagascar Airlines ATRs are: 150 x 50 x 143 cm for a maximum weight of 190kg. The wheelchair must be foldable.

Passengers with hearing impairment

Inform a boarding agent or crew member if you need assistance hearing important updates related to your flight.

The traveller may not need assistance at the airport, but it will still be necessary to inform the boarding and on-board staff if the traveller is deaf or hard of hearing. 

This will allow ground and on-board personnel to inform the passenger of the on-board safety briefing and any significant flight updates.

Visually impaired or blind passenger

If the traveller is accompanied by a certified service dog, the dog must be reported in the booking file.  The guide dog or accompanying dog is transported free of charge in the cabin and is exempted from wearing the muzzle.

Assistance for the seniors

Senior passengers with mobility difficulties are given priority boarding and assistance at the airport.

Pregnant woman and pregnancy

If you are pregnant, you may travel on Tsaradia flights with the following restrictions:

A pregnant woman can travel up to the 7th month (28 weeks) of pregnancy by submitting a proof document of month of pregnancy. This can be a medical certificate or any other pregnancy monitoring document. From the 8th month (32 weeks), she is no longer allowed to travel.

Passenger requiring medical clearance

If you suffer from a pre-existing illness and require special assistance, please inform us by filling out the required form or by contacting our customer service in advance. This allows you to take the necessary precautions and ensure your safety and comfort throughout your trip.

    The company may require medical clearance from passengers:

    • who appear to be carriers of a contagious disease or whose health directly threatens the health and safety of other persons on board the aircraft;
    • whose medical condition reasonably suggests that the person may travel safely without the need for special assistance during the flight (e.g., people with a serious medical condition such as a recent heart attack, stroke or embolism, or who have had a recent operation or serious injury).
    • Which require medical treatment during flight (e.g.: extra oxygen or infusions).
    • People who are ill, have a mental disability, psychiatric disorder or with an unstable physical disability and in particular whenever the booking agent is informed that the passenger and/or could be a risk to the safety of the flight or the cause of a diversion, or could see his health deteriorate during the trip.
    • People with cast leg. (MEDA + EVASAN)

    children travelling alone

    We offer an assistance service for unaccompanied minors (UM), for children aged 5 to 11 traveling alone.  We take care of your child’s journey from the airport of departure to the airport of arrival so that you can leave with peace of mind.

    You can book tickets and unaccompanied minor service through our call centre or a Tsaradia agency.  Please note that you will need to provide your contact information (name, telephone number and mailing address) for the child’s host at the destination airport. The person who buys the ticket and the person who will greet the child at the destination airport must be adults.  It will always be under our supervision.  We will ensure that you are kept informed of all flight information and updates.

    A consent and management form authorizing the child to travel must be signed by the responsible adult parent(s) or legal guardian by providing proof of identity.

    The parent(s) or legal guardian must remain at the airport until the aircraft has departed.

    Passengers with plaster cast

    We inform that passengers with plaster casts will not be accepted for boarding and will not be allowed to travel.

    In order for the passenger to be boarded, it is obligatory to consult and obtain the opinion of the Company's doctor before the day of departure.

    Consequently, the same procedures as in Medical Evacuation must be applied and respected by submitting the medical certificate and history of illness to the Company's Doctors or those approved in our Representations.

    Furthermore, we remind you that it is also obligatory to :

    • provide us all information relating to passengers with special needs for inclusion in the passenger's reservation file
    • validate/confirm this information before issuing or selling the ticket

    It is also our duty to : 

    • make passengers, customers and sponsors aware of the need to declare passengers' particularities.
    • inform you about transport conditions.

    Medical Evacuation (EVASAN)

    Request a medical evacuation

    The request to set up a Medical Evacuation must be sent physically to the nearest Madagascar Airlines agency which will be responsible for informing the departure and arrival stopovers as well as any transit stopover. It must mention:

    • the name of the patient Description of the disease, and its WHO number
    • the medical file and the medical evacuation request from the attending physician, and the MEDIF dated the day of flight validated by the company doctor
    • request for a stretcher to be put in place, if recommended by the attending doctor
    • the clarification of the need for an accompanying doctor or not
    • the request for the provision of oxygen + number of bottles required, specifying the flow rate, 2L/min or 4L/min continuously or discontinuously
    • the flight number, the route and duration of the flight,
    • the departure and arrival times of the flight with the transit time if the flight is not direct.
    • the need for an ambulance on departure and arrival

    Medical evacuation in a lying position or on a stretcher :

    Carrying out a medical evacuation (EVASAN) on a stretcher and/or the installation of respiratory assistance on board is conditioned by :

    • the availability of seats necessary for the placement of the stretcher
    • the availability of the oxygen kit and the necessary cylinders during the flight and transit time
    • the possibility of boarding a sick passenger on board.

    On the day of departure, the medical team at the Madagascar Airlines dispensary at Antananarivo airport or the Medical Service in provincial airports must validate or not boarding depending on the condition of the sick passenger and especially if their condition has gotten worse since purchasing his ticket.

    If the passenger's condition is critical, Madagascar Airlines may refuse boarding even after payment of the ticket, other assistance services and the start of a multi-leg flight. Depending on the passenger's condition, this arrangement can also be made before each departure in the case of a multi-section/transit flight.

    Madagascar Airlines may refuse the carriage of an EVASAN passenger if the required conditions cannot be met.